CloudCall launches Bullhorn unified communications

CloudCall, a provider of advanced communications for CRM systems, has announced the availability of CloudCall Unified Communications for Bullhorn, the company said.

This solution, seamlessly integrated into Bullhorn, builds on the CloudCall telephony and CRM feature set, adding instant messaging, SMS, and GDPR compliance capabilities in a single, streamlined user interface. With one click, Bullhorn users are now able to initiate a text-based interaction directly from their CRM, and automatically record the interchange as one conversation.

Bullhorn, the global provider of CRM and operations software for the recruitment industry, is one of CloudCall´s key partners.

CloudCall (LSE:CALL) helps more than 23,000 professionals boost their productivity by tightly integrating their communications into their CRM and ATS solutions. These professionals work faster, capture their call details, and simplify GDPR compliance. CloudCall integrates with 15 CRM systems, including, Bullhorn, Talent Rover, Jobscience, and others. CloudCall is headquartered in Leicester, UK, with offices in London, Boston MA, and Minsk.