Cloud Cruiser enhances SaaS application

Cloud consumption analytics provider Cloud Cruiser has released new, enhanced budgeting capabilities for its Cloud Cruiser 16 SaaS application which allows customers to optimize their cloud services consumption, the company said.

The application is designed to provide rich reporting and analytics for hybrid cloud usage to eliminate waste, control spending, and drive business agility. With these enhanced budgeting capabilities, customers now have tremendous flexibility to better plan and predict future usage with accuracy across multiple dimensions.

Budgeting by department or project team and by specific time frames is critical for cloud users today. Most importantly, the ability to share real-time information with multi-functional stakeholders across the business drives fast decisions and means customers consume cloud services with confidence.

Cloud Cruiser´s application is a smart meter for hybrid cloud that gives detailed insights into usage and spend, enabling the business to deliver the right services at the right time.