Cloud-based remote TestKit builds test environment for high-speed services in South Korea

NTT Resonant Inc. has established testing infrastructure in South Korea for its cloud-based testing service remote TestKit, accommodating high-speed services and strengthening business development in the neighboring country, the company said.

Remote TestKit has been available in Japan and North America, and has built further infrastructure for remote testkit in Seoul, Korea, reducing problems for Korean users caused by network latency.

NTT Resonant has strengthened sales by signing an exclusive contract with NEOITP Corp. headquartered in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. With the establishment of testing infrastructure in Korea for high-speed services as well as the expansion of a lineup of Korean mobile devices, the company said it is accelerating sales expansion in Korea.

Remote TestKit is a service that allows developers to test smartphone apps and mobile websites on the cloud. Users can remotely test on more than 300 different models, without purchasing the devices.

NEOITP Corp. is an information and communications technology company that branched off from NEOWIZ INC. in January, 2014. Using a base of SI business including IT infrastructure and IT outsourcing work, the company has continued to grow while providing ASP services that make use of Microsoft Azure and AR/VR technology, performing research and development and assisting in enacting government IT policies.