Cloud-based browser provide speed and security to growing global user base

CloudMosa, the mobile technology company evolving the web browsing experience through cloud computing, has announced its Puffin Browser has grown to a user base of 100 million worldwide, the company said.

The company´s browser is the only one to run exclusively on the cloud, while offering superior speed and security. This is accomplished by shifting the workload from the user´s device to cloud servers, which communicate with the web server at a much faster rate. Thus, web pages load on CloudMosa´s servers in a split-second via cloud-rendering and are then quickly displayed via the Puffin client.

Since launching in 2009, the Puffin Browser has revealed drastic yearly growth among its free and paid users, including the company´s most recent announcement that its app for Android reached 50 million users worldwide. In addition to operating on both iOS and Android mobile platforms, Puffin has a version for Windows Desktop and a Puffin Lite application available for iOS users who want a lightweight and clean browser with an intuitive user interface. Additionally, CloudMosa offers the Puffin Academy portal for students, teachers and parents, which provides easy access to online educational resources for K-12 environments.

CloudMosa´s mission is to supercharge phones with the fastest browsing experience. Its flagship product Puffin is the only browser that runs exclusively on the cloud, giving mobile users the speed and processing power of an entire server room at their fingertips.