Clearfield FiberFlex 2000 Offers Active Cabinet That Combines Powered Equipment and Fiber Cables

Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD), the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, has introduced the FiberFlex 2000 cabinet as part of its FieldSmart portfolio, the company said.

With a fiber-first design, this environmentally controlled enclosure is engineered to support a variety of deployment scenarios as operators look to cost effectively expand fiber footprints. Built in response to market demand for a small footprint active cabinet, the FieldSmart FiberFlex 2000 is a modular carrier-class cabinet that combines a powered equipment housing with dense fiber distribution, reducing deployment time by simplifying installation and eliminating the need to permit an additional pad for cabinet placing.

The craft-friendly enclosure measures 54″ x 24″ x 35″ with front and rear doors for full access to internal equipment. Designed to GR-487, the FiberFlex 2000 enclosure accepts local AC power and features an external AC load center to power the equipment inside the cabinet.

The cabinet provides a sealed internal environment where external air and humidity are completely isolated from the electronic equipment, making the FiberFlex2000 the ideal outdoor cabinet solution for the harshest outdoor conditions. A separate, vented, under-cabinet compartment houses optional batteries and has the option for a second battery compartment for areas in need of additional backup capabilities. The FiberFlex 2000 supports from 144 to 576 internal fiber distribution ports for subscriber PON deployments using a modular, high-density fiber insert along with complementary splitter capacity.

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