Clavister gets 4 telecom orders in Q4

Clavister (CLAV: NASDAQ), a provider of high-performance network security solutions, has announced that purchase orders for its virtual security solution for service providers reached a new benchmark with four new mobile operator customers in the present quarter, the company said.

The solution became available in the early part of this year and since then has garnered significant traction. The first two quarters saw five orders and two during the third quarter. The four orders in the fourth quarter represent a growing industrial adoption of the solution as well as a very compelling win ratio of pitches to orders for the year: 20 tenders at the beginning of the year with 11 signed purchase orders. For the first year of a new software solution, such numbers are well regarded.

The four orders in Q4 are a mix of commercial deployments and paid-for PoCs. Of the PoCs, one is for a European customer and the other a North American brand of significant size and reputation. Both PoCs will conduct testing and evaluations until the early quarters of next year.

Of the two commercial deployments, one is a European operator of significant size. The other, however, represents one of the largest operating environments in Asia by a globally recognized mobile carrier.