ClassCheck improves student retention, graduation rates

ClassCheck, powered by Field Agent, said it enables university students to confirm their own classroom attendance through a convenient mobile application.

The ClassCheck platform follows the same institution-specific guidelines and security protocols required of any academic administrator or counselor who handles sensitive, personal data.

Several universities have made class attendance a priority by budgeting funds in the athletic department to employ hourly class checkers to physically confirm that student-athletes are in class. Typically, checkers will relay attendance information via a handwritten document or text message from a personal phone. These documents or texts could easily become compromised. ClassCheck will eliminate this concern by placing control in the hands of students and administrators, providing even more privacy than student-athletes are currently afforded.

ClassCheck protects student privacy by collecting location-specific data only on the student´s class attendance. The app does not collect or store data when students are outside preapproved geo-fence areas. The company uses photo verification to verify the correct student is associated with his or her mobile device. However, these photos are stored according to each institution´s policy and can be destroyed by the administrator.

Headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Field Agent leverages its network of nearly 600,000 Agents to connect business people with quality information anywhere across the nation. With ClassCheck, the company is now able to serve small and large universities with the specific goal to improve student retention and graduation rates.