Claim Back Bank Charges And Mis-Sold PPI To Pay For Misused Mobile Phone Bills

New research has revealed that many Brits are misusing their mobile phone deals and in fact are losing out hundreds of pounds a year.

Findings by Billmonitor, a price comparison calculator site, show that the majority of British people are wasting their prized money by being on the wrong mobile phone deal or underusing their mobile plans.

By claiming back bank charges and mis-sold payment protection insurance with the help of Claims Management Specialists, this can help pay towards the costly monthly mobile phone bills. Win back thousands of pounds like many individuals across the UK are doing; which will definitely cover the expensive expenditure.

The average person spends £439 in 12 months on their mobile phone; and further findings reveal that three in four people are blowing away on average £200 every year simply by being on the wrong mobile phone deal.

The survey, which analysed more than 28,000 phone bills, showed that more than £5 billion is being wasted per year. So help relieve the finances and pay for your expensive mobile phone by claiming back money from mis-sold ppi and bank charges.

The study showed that the biggest issue was people paying for contracts that offered them more free minutes than they used so in effect they were wasting money. Also, a substantial number of Brits were underestimating their phone usage and therefore going over their limits and being billed hefty charges.

However, these people are not switching plans due to confusion about companies and availability and it is no surprise seeing as there are currently more than eight million various payment plans and mobile phone deals on offer.