City Of Houston paid USD 39K in travel for aviation intern

Houston mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee has announced that, during a hiring freeze, the City of Houston approved USD 39,000 in international, business-class travel for an aviation intern, the candidate said.

Travel over a ten-month period. The city also approved lodging expenses which exceeded the maximum lodging rate for the intern. According to a investigation conducted in October, 2019, Houston´s mayor personally signed off on the creation of a USD 95,000 internship for Marvin Agumagu, 31. Agumagu was hired, despite having no aviation experience, for duties such as “preparing reports through the collection and analyzing of data relative to the operation of the business and the Aviation industry for use in making strategic decisions.”

The city paid for 35 days of travel for Agumagu in less than a year to cities including Austin, Denver, Fort Worth, Tampa, Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin, Manila and Washington D.C.