CIS Secure Computing approved for Cisco VoIP phones

CIS Secure Computing, Inc. has received Class A TSG type acceptance of a modified general purpose Cisco 8851 VoIP phone (model DTD-8851-02), the company said.

Tested for compliance and approved by the National Telecommunications Security Working Group (NTSWG), the CIS modified Cisco 8841 VoIP phone also has Class B type acceptance (model DTD-8851-01). Also approved as a Class A device is the fiber enabled Cisco 8841 phone (model DTD-8841-01A1A).

Defined by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), the intent of the NTSWG type-acceptance program is for all telephones used in sensitive discussion areas to be physically incapable of producing any microphonic audio on any wires leaving the instrument while it is in the idle state. Any unmodified VoIP telephone can present eavesdropping vulnerabilities inherent in their Ethernet capabilities.

Located in Dulles, Virginia, CIS Secure Computing/CIS Labs, Inc. is a leading provider TEMPEST, TSG, and modified COTS solutions for the US Government and other entities. CIS Secure Computing is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and CIS Labs is an NSA Certified TEMPEST Manufacturer and Test facility.