CirrusWorks addresses data congestion at Elmhurst College

CirrusWorks has developed a unique bandwidth optimization platform that assesses and allocates bandwidth among multiple competing users on a network in real time, without static rule sets, complicated prioritization schemes or intrusive deep packet inspection (DPI), the company said.

With student demand for bandwidth increasing, particularly in college dorms, the dean of Elmhurst College began planning for a seasonal spike in tablets, smart phones and PCs, knowing adding more bandwidth, infrastructure and support services would not be enough to satisfy the demand. from these competing devices. They needed some way to optimize their current and future network resources, controlling costs and ensuring a measurable quality of service.

Elmhurst plans to upgrade its circuit in the fall, and they wanted to ensure they get the most from this additional bandwidth, optimizing the user experience and minimizing their future support costs. The college has selected CirrusWorks to manage data flows in microseconds, and allocating bandwidth to users based on real-time availability. The CirrusWorks solution tames data hogs and complements the college´s existing stack of network monitoring and content management platforms.

Elmhurst College is a private college in the heart of the Chicago metropolitan area, with nearly 60 undergraduate majors and more than 15 graduate programs,

CirrusWorks is a provider of bandwidth optimization technologies. Their flagship product, The Governor, provides a tool for maximizing the capacity of Internet circuits.