Cirrus Aircraft introduces safe return emergency autoland

Personal aviation company Cirrus Aircraft has introduced Safe Return — an emergency autoland system that enables passengers to land the Vision JetT with just the touch of a single button, the company said.

Safe Return assumes control of the aircraft and transforms the Vision Jet into an autonomous vehicle that navigates to the nearest suitable airport for landing, communicates with air traffic control, lands and brings the aircraft safely to a complete stop. The Vision Jet, with both Safe Return and the award-winning Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), provides a comprehensive, must-have total safety solution unique to G2 Vision Jet operators.

In 2016, Cirrus Aircraft ushered in a new era in personal transportation with the FAA certification of the world´s first single-engine Personal Jet — the Vision Jet. The turbine aircraft defined a new category in aviation — the Personal JetTM — with its spacious pilot and passenger-friendly cabin featuring panoramic windows, reclining seats, comfortable legroom for five adults and two children and the only turbine aircraft with a whole airframe parachute system as standard equipment.