CirQlive, Sibme Partner for Remote Teacher Coaching, Training in K-12 Education

CirQlive, the complete integration system for learning management systems (LMS) and teaching technologies such as web and video conferencing, and Sibme, the coaching and collaboration platform built to empower teachers and instructional leaders, has announced a partnership that will allow real-time video training and coaching by districts, continuous education programs, or mentors and coaches. Click to Tweet, the company said.

In disbursed school districts, or where teachers may be removed from teaching preparation programs or where in-person observations of teachers are otherwise impractical, the process has been slow and cumbersome. Even when aided by technology, an observation often required a teacher to record classroom sessions, then share files in a separate system at a later time, receiving feedback or engaging discussion delayed and disconnected from the classroom teaching experience.

By integrating CirQlive´s seamless video integration technology into Sibme´s online teacher coaching and training platform, those crucial teacher observations and engagements can now happen live, in real time. Live observation and feedback will improve the efficiency and impact of teacher coaching, the reach of teaching mentors, improve the quality of teaching and, consequently, help improve student achievement.

The agreement and integration will be able to immediately reach about 50,000 teachers in 1,500 schools where Sibme has been implemented and will be fully available in February.

Leaders from both companies plan to debut the highlights of the partnership during a luncheon presentation on the future of professional learning at the Texas Association of School Administrators Midwinter Conference, January 27 in Austin, Texas.

CirQlive is the premier provider of reliable, secure software solutions enabling efficient use of the world´s web conferencing services for education institutions and corporations.

Sibme´s mission is to impact student success by combining innovative, user-friendly technology solutions, implementation expertise, and ongoing support and partnership to connect educators and transform the way they learn and grow professionally.