Cirba unveils optimization service

Cirba, Inc. has launched an analytics service, Densifyâ„¢, for optimizing public cloud and on-premise virtual infrastructure, the company said.

The Densify service is the next evolution of SaaS as it combines the organization´s predictive and real-time optimization analytics with an assigned Densification Advisorâ„¢, eliminating the burden of learning, operating, managing and maintaining software.

Cirba also announced it is rebranding to Densify, reflecting the company´s strategic value proposition to reduce cloud and infrastructure costs while also improving application performance. The Densify service offers fast time to value, ease of adoption and use and the greatest potential for savings in the market through the industry´s most powerful optimization engine.

With a unique combination of SaaS-based analytics and the Densification Advisor service, Densify is a complete service for automated optimization of public, on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

With Densify, companies automate virtual machine (VM) placement and resource allocation actions to proactively remove risk and drive the lowest unit cost. The new service also offers precise, data-driven cloud migration and transformation strategies and real-time hybrid and multi-cloud workload placements.

One of the key benefits of Densify is that it delivers better application performance with the highest asset utilization and lowest public cloud spend without requiring any special training. The service is up and running within 15 minutes, maximizing efficiency, simplicity and results for customers under the guidance of the Densification Advisor.

Densify has re-imagined infrastructure optimization and control for the hybrid cloud era. Its optimized service delivers operational simplicity while scientifically balancing infrastructure supply and application demand to maximize efficiency and cost savings while enabling better performance.