Ciox believes mandate is necessary to achieve a fax-free future

Ciox, a healthcare technology company, sees a future without faxing and supports efforts by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to eliminate use throughout America´s healthcare ecosystem, the company said.

Despite the widespread adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) systems by many providers, a large percentage of patient health history is still on paper or locked within legacy systems. Additionally, with hundreds of EMR systems and a lack of consistently implemented interoperability standards, significant technical challenges exist when complete medical record data needs to be exchanged and consolidated.

The current volume of fax requests within the industry is overwhelming. Ciox alone receives more than 3.5 million fax requests per year and more than 300 million pages are faxed annually. This interoperability challenge is underscored by legitimate data security and privacy fears, as well as competing technology and financial priorities. While the concerns are real, so are the security and quality concerns with the vulnerability of the fax machine.

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