CIG sells Navtech to Airbus

Cambridge Information Group (CIG) along with its partners Externalis S.A. and VSS announced the sale of Navtech, a global provider of flight operations solutions, to Airbus, the company said.

The acquisition will enrich Airbus´ expansive product development program and enable greater growth for Navtech. The transaction marks a successful ten year investment for CIG and other Navtech shareholders.

With operations in Canada and the United Kingdom, Navtech serves more than 400 aircraft operators and aviation services customers worldwide. Its product suite includes electronic flight bag (EFB) solutions, aeronautical charts, navigation data solutions, flight planning, aircraft performance, crew planning, and performance based navigation solutions and services.

Externalis (now EnerFinance) is a Belgian holding company, part of Energipole Group owned by Alain Mallart. Energipole Group is engaged in real estate, environmental activities such as renewable energies and waste management, industrial ventures such as specialized steels and mining, and venture capital undertakings.

VSS is a leading private investment firm that invests in the tech-enabled business services, healthcare IT, information, and education industries in North America and Europe.

Cambridge Information Group is a family owned global investment firm with a focus on information services, education and technology.