CIG Capital funds Glimpse Aviation with USD 60m

Los Angeles-based alternative investment firm CIG Capital (CIG CAP) has announced it has funded Glimpse Aviation with USD 60 million for the purchase of a USD 1.1bn aircraft order for Glimpse, even when the factories are shutting down, the company said.

CIG has put out over USD 2.7 billion in Term Sheets from project funding requests in the last two weeks and is anticipating more to come. The company is funding projects in the hospitality and medical industries, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said.

CIG Capital provided project funding to companies in several industries such as hospitality, recreation and entertainment, medical, biodiesel, waste to energy, multifamily housing, aviation and water supply.

Founded in 2011, CIG Capital is made up of a group of partners that provide 100% project funding. CIG Capital also provides services for project management, risk management, economic growth management and financial consulting services. Some of the project management services include professional on-site management, cost estimating and value analysis, effective communication, phasing alternatives and milestones, constructability reviews, general conditions and contract requirements and more.

CIG Capital is an alternative investment firm that possesses a unique model with a complete diverse portfolio. CIG Capital´s portfolio consists of different dynamics such as, Health Care Insurance, Alternative Lending, High Risk Industries, Venture Capital, FinTech, Technology, Bio Medical, Software, infrastructure, oil and gas and real estate projects. CIG is focused on providing funding for projects that need more creativity and a custom approach. Please visit for more information.