Ciena preparing for 5G

Current 4G and future 5G networks require massively agile and scalable wireline networks, the company said.

To address these performance demands, Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) has developed innovative 5G Network Solutions to help operators scale their current 4G networks, while simultaneously preparing for the impending evolution toward 5G.

Compared to 4G LTE, 5G is expected to offer 100x faster speeds, 100x more devices, 10x lower latency, and 1000x higher data volumes. This will enable the use of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), mobile broadband, augmented/virtual reality, IoT and many more applications. In turn, it will generate an enormous amount of traffic that needs to be stored, accessed, and moved across the network.

Ciena´s 5G Network Solutions are designed to provide the scale and automation operators need to deliver a superior end-to-end user experience in this environment and usher in a new age of mobile connectivity.

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