Ciena deploys GeoMesh Extreme

To address skyrocketing customer demands for connectivity on the Southern Cross network, fueled by cloud, HD video, Internet of things (IoT) and more, Southern Cross Cables has significantly enhanced the scale, programmability and intelligence of its network by deploying Ciena´s (NYSE: CIEN) WaveLogic Ai tunable coherent optics and the 6500 T-series, the company said.

With these solutions from Ciena, Southern Cross´ network can quickly adapt and respond, in real-time to changing and unexpected user demands.

Southern Cross Cables´ deployment of Ciena´s GeoMesh Extreme solution is the first subsea deployment of WaveLogic Ai over compensated cable and includes the first deployment of 200Gbps wavelengths between Sydney and Auckland.

The industry-leading functionality of Ciena´s WaveLogic Ai allows Southern Cross to monitor links in real-time, so it can determine the ideal capacity for each channel across any path. WaveLogic Ai also provides massive scalability by allowing Southern Cross to add an additional 6.4Tbps of wavelength expansion across its subsea and terrestrial networks.

Southern Cross´ existing programmable infrastructure is further enhanced with the introduction of the Ciena 6500 T-Series platform that scales to 24Tbps OTN switching capacity for efficient traffic grooming and includes Ciena´s advanced multi-layer control plane software to maximize network resiliency.

In addition, Southern Cross´ utilisation of Ciena´s Blue Planet Manage, Control, and Plan (MCP) software for improved network visibility through real-time software control, along with big data analytics and advanced network functionality through the Blue Planet Network Health Predictor, Performance Portal and Blue Planet V-WAN services underpin its position as one of the most flexible, and customer responsive submarine cable providers in the world.

The company is already using its multi-path network and Ciena upgrades to minimise the impact of network incidents and planned work on Southern Cross´ customers by proactively switching customers to other paths or ramping capacity up or down as required, reducing disruption and keeping customers connected.

Southern Cross Cable Network provides fast, direct, and secure international bandwidth from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii to the heart of the Internet in the USA. The Southern Cross Cable Network comprises two submarine communications cables which were first commissioned in November 2000 and January 2001 at a cost of USD1.3 billion. They provide Australasian broadband users with international connections to seven key locations on the US West coast where global Internet hubs are located.

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