CI First Asset launches ETF on NEO

NEO has announced that CI First Asset MSCI World ESG Impact ETF has begun trading on the NEO Exchange, a progressive stock exchange bringing together investors and capital raisers within a fair, transparent and innovative marketplace, the company said.

The ETF, which is trading under the symbols CESG and CESG.B, is the first ETF from CI First Asset Exchange Traded Funds (“CI First Asset”), a division of CI Investments Inc., to list with NEO. It is also their first ESG-focused fund.

The ETF has been designed to track the MSCI World ESG Select Impact ex Fossil Fuels Index, which targets large and mid-cap companies in 23 developed countries with a positive impact on environmental, social and governance factors.

The NEO Exchange is now home to over 90 corporate and ETF listings, and consistently facilitates over 10 per cent of all Canadian trading volume. For more information, visit: