ChinaCache, Youku Router plan new CDN ecosystem

ChinaCache said it has announced its cooperation with Youku Router to jointly create a new ecosystem in the CDN field in China.

Both sides have reached strategic cooperation for intelligent terminal content sinking program, to build a completely new CDN acceleration ecosystem and establish a win-win strategy pattern together for ChinaCache, Youku Tudou and terminal users.

The intelligent terminal sinking program creates a new CDN business model, taking the Youku Router as the carrier for network content storage to achieve network content scheduling; traffic guidance and content delivery for end users by means of built-in intelligent delivery software independently developed by ChinaCache, push CDN acceleration service to household sides, and become the “CDN acceleration nodes” closest to the end users.

This acceleration model will completely improve terminal users´ online surfing experience and fully accelerate the access speed for large-traffic content such as file downloads and video watching.

The intelligent terminal syncing program establishes access and return mechanisms between equipment and ChinaCache nodes, between equipment, and between equipment and source sites, to realize comprehensive and efficient content scheduling.

ChinaCache will push the content to the storage space offered by Youku Router, directly return the content sources to the end users or through node scheduling; schedule the access and request of the end users to the location closest to the users; select the optimal data return path for the users; and realize the fastest access speed. Meanwhile, the user access paths build a big data resource pool, which can help to decide (in advance) the user consumption mindset and access habits based on the analysis of user behavior, geographical locations and browsing hobbies; push the Internet content in advance which the users may be interested in, and maximize network access experience.

In the future, based on ChinaCache resources in operators, and broadcasting and television industry, the Youku Router will be a tailor-made solution, meeting consumer content acceleration and optimization demands, while ChinaCache also conducts technical exploration and sharing with Youku Router in the fields of application download delivery and game acceleration.