China Southern Airlines chooses EDM to provide cabin crew training simulators

Training simulator provider EDM has been selected by China Southern Airlines to provide two new cabin crew training simulators, the company said.

The order comprises of an A330 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) and A320 Door Trainer (DT). Mounted on a hydraulic motion platform, the CEET will provide a highly realistic training environment for China Southern´s cabin crew covering key safety procedures such as door operation, evacuation, fire and smoke training, cabin communications and aircraft systems familiarisation.

The CEET will also be fitted with SEPTRE, EDM´s market-leading audio-visual system that takes cabin crew training to even higher standards through the provision of pre-programmed emergency scenarios including aborted take-off, engine fire, gear collapse, ditching and decompression.

The A320 DT and A330 CEET will enable China Southern´s cabin crew to be effectively trained in the safe and proficient use of the door and aircraft cabin systems under normal, abnormal and emergency operation. Key features of the DT include a double attendant seat, door window visual system, functional Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) and touch screen Instructor Operator Station (IOS).

Once completed at EDM´s headquarters in the UK, the equipment will be shipped and installed at China Southern´s cabin crew training centre in Guangzhou, China.

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