China airlines considers name change

China Airlines, based in Taiwan, has announced it is considering a name change during the current coronavirus pandemic, the company said.

Taiwan News has reported a number of organizations have petitioned to change the airline´s name to reduce any connotations between the carrier and mainland China. In a nudge towards the airline, Taiwan´s Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung has indicated that he would be open to working with the airline on changing its name.

One of the concerns with the current name is the confusion it could bring about geographically. There is a possibility that potential customers will shy away from the airline because it makes it seem as if the carrier is from mainland China.

Taiwan´s official name is the Republic of China (mainland China´s official name is the People´s Republic of China). As the national carrier for Taiwan, China Airlines was derived from the island´s official name.

The carrier could continue to represent the island around the world as Taiwan Airlines. A switch to Taiwan Airlines would hold the same meaning that China Airlines does.

China Airlines is Taiwan´s national carrier flying mainly out of Taipei´s Taoyuan International Airport.