Chile-based wireless ISP deploys Mimosa broadband solutions

Mimosa Networks, a provider of 5G Fixed wireless solutions, has been chosen by Chilean telecommunications company suRed for its new 5G fixed wireless service in Southern Chile, the company said.

Targeting subscriber speeds of up to 50 Mbps, suRed will deploy Mimosa´s entire suite of Access, Client and Backhaul solutions to build out its new high-speed network.

suRed offers urban and rural “Double Play” solutions for businesses and consumers. With over 8,000 subscribers, suRed is looking to complete a 5G network expansion which will see them scale to over 35,000 subscribers in two years. suRed, in consultation with wireless distributor Streakwave Wireless, identified Mimosa as a partner that could keep pace with its rapid subscriber growth and the high-speed demands of streaming video traffic.

With the Mimosa solutions, suRed will increase subscriber speeds from 12 Mbps to 50 Mbps, with options for 100 Mbps service in the future.

The suRed network covers a geographic area of 4,722 square miles in the Lake Region of Southern Chile, an area covered by deep valleys, mountains, and lakes, which can be challenging when deploying a network. Mimosa´s hybrid-fiber-wireless (HFW) technology is precisely designed to excel in challenging terrain, significantly improving the time to market and lowering the costs involved with providing service to subscribers.

suRed will deploy Mimosa B5 backhaul radios, Mimosa B5c connectorized radios, Mimosa B5-Lite radios, licensed Mimosa B11 backhaul radios, Mimosa A5 access points and Mimosa C5 client devices.

Mimosa Networks is a provider of 5G Fixed wireless solutions that enable service providers to connect dense urban and hard-to-reach rural homes at a fraction of the cost of fiber-to-the-premises solutions. Founded in 2012 by Silicon Valley veterans Brian Hinman and Jaime Fink, Mimosa is deployed in over 130 countries worldwide.