Cheddar announces live business and headline news application

Cheddar, the post cable networks company, and Magic Leap, the provider of spatial computing, has announced the first live business and headline news application on Magic Leap One Creator Edition, the company said.

The free application is available now for download in Magic Leap World on-device.

Cheddar´s news networks are available immediately on Magic Leap World as live video news screens, that can be placed anywhere in the user´s room. Users will be able to pin a hovering live Cheddar news screen while performing other work or entertainment activities in the Magic Leap environment.

Over time, the teams will work together on volumetric video broadcasts available on-demand and live, as well as on esports news coverage via Cheddar´s “Cheddar Sports.”

Cheddar is the post-cable networks company. Cheddar currently broadcasts two live video news networks: Cheddar, a business news network covering the most innovative executives, founders, products, and technologies transforming our lives and economy, and Cheddar Big News, a fast-paced, young, non-partisan general news and headline news network.