CheapOair proposes culinary adventures for travelers

Online travel agency has announced popular culinary adventures for travelers interested in exploring trends in cuisine, the company said.

Los Angeles, California, Berlin, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel are some of the most vegan-friendly destinations. Each of these cities is known for having unique culinary scenes, and offering a range of vegan substitutes for traditional dishes.

Destinations like Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Mexico City, Mexico, and Portland, Oregon a booming street food scene with food trucks, sidewalk vendors, street carts and hole-in-the walls. have set the bar and blurred the lines between gourmet and fast food.

Seattle, Washington, Istanbul, Turkey and Medellin, Colombia are examples of destinations for coffee lovers.

Cheese enthusiasts can enjoy Normandy, France for its Camembert. La Mancha, Spain is the place to go if you prefer Manchego, El Greco, or Don Quixote. Those who love Parmigiano Reggiano, can enjoy the Emilia Romagna region of Italy where Parmigiano originated.

Wine enthusiasts will enjoy Alentejo, one of the largest wine regions in Portugal where visitors can sample a wide variety of wines and local delicacies. Cape Town, South Africa is home to the only new grape variety created outside of Europe and features some iconic wineries with Cape Dutch architecture. For those looking for a glass of wine with a view, head to Santorini, Greece. Santorini not only has nine indigenous grape varieties, but also has a fascinating wine museum.

Ice cream enthusiasts can explore Florence, Italy for gelato. New York City is an ice cream hotspot with its specialty ice cream parlors. For a unique twist on the classic cold treat, visit Tokyo, Japan to try mochi.

Travelers looking for beer can visit Beijing, China, which has recently developed as an emerging scene in craft brewing. St. Louis, Missouri may be home to brewing giant Anheuser-Busch. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil hosts an annual Craft Beer Festival.

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