CheapOair offers tips to travelers for a safe experience at theme parks

CheapOair has announced that, as theme parks and attractions reopen, it is offering tips to travelers to help them have a safe experience, the company said.

CheapOair said travelers can take comfort in steps taken by theme parks, including cloth face masks, temperature checks, increased cleanings and a variety of hygienic supplies readily available to customers.

The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer any time an interaction is made with someone outside your own party or with a foreign surface. While most parks will certainly have sanitizing stations at most entry points, concession stands, bathrooms, and attractions, it´s wise to have your own sanitizer handy at all times. Any sanitizer used should also contain at least 60% percent alcohol to be effective in killing germs.

The fewer shared surfaces and touch points, the better. Several theme parks are allowing visitors to digitally reserve ride times to reduce the amount of time guests need to physically wait on lines where it is usually more challenging to keep six feet of distance. Contactless payment options are also extremely helpful for customers wanting to buy food, drink, or merchandise.

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