reports 10 destinations with airfares up to 41% less than last year

A year-over-year comparison has found a number of popular destinations with as much as 41% discounts over last year´s average flight prices, the company said.

Pulling from this research, the team has made its picks for 10 places to go where the airfare is low. Destinations that top the list are Barcelona, Spain, down 41% over last summer; Venice, Italy, down 31% over last summer; Lisbon, Portugal, down 26% over last summer; Knoxville, Tennessee, down 17% over last summer; and Dublin, Ireland, down 16% over last summer.

Five additional destinations with lower average airfares this summer compared to last include: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Charleston, South Carolina; Hilo, Hawaii; Guatemala City, Guatemala, and Spokane, Washington.

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