predicts 2014 travel predilections

30 December 2013

The travel experts at predict that travelers in 2014 will have something to gain from the competition waged among the new “super airlines,” as they book their flights to warmer weather and anniversary sites worldwide.

For travelers in the US, one of the biggest stories of the past year is the rise of the super airline. With the merger of American Airlines and US Airways (NYSE: LCC) , United Airlines´ rule as the largest airline ended less than a year into its new life.

Last March, Continental Airlines was fully integrated into United. It will take American and US Airways time to combine their resources as well, but consumers can expect changes to start happening early in the New Year.

With United, Delta (NYSE: DAL) and the new American all truly super sized, these large airlines are going to be very busy competing with one another with a lot of focus on international travel and amenities like lay flat beds in first class, even on domestic flights. For the price-conscious traveler, there may be less to love on those major airlines as nickel and diming for basics, like a few more inches of leg room, becomes even more prevalent.

However, this battle among the power airlines will likely leave room for newer and smaller players competing on base price to emerge, for established “budget” airlines like Southwest (NYSE: LUV) and JetBlue (NYSE: JBLU) to gain even more ground and for regional airlines like Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines to expand the number of markets they serve.

For 2014, Cheapflights sees signs US travelers will continue to chase warm weather and sunshine, with deals possible for destinations like the Caribbean and Brazil topping the list.

The 100th anniversary of the start of World War I is this 2014, so history buffs and family members may decide to visit the battlefields to reconnect with and remember loved ones who sacrificed across Europe in the “war to end all wars.”

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