's tells you what's really included (and not included) in airfares has introduced a new way to shop for flights that gives travelers more visibility, control and flexibility than any other online booking site, the company said.

The new experience simultaneously shops for basic and premium airfares, an industry first, and makes side-by-side comparisons of all available fares, amenities, and upgrades.

Over the last few years, some air carriers have focused on bare-bones “no frills” service to drive ticket prices down, while others have chosen to compete with more premium products. Adding to the new complexities, many airlines now offer multiple “fare brands” on the same flight–for instance, by selling a lower “basic economy” fare for travelers willing to forgo advance seat selection; or offering a higher “premium economy” fare that provides more legroom and priority boarding. This differentiation has made it increasingly difficult for consumers to make apples to apples comparisons and understand exactly what they´re buying.

To address this growing complexity, has aggregated a giant database of airlines, planes, policies, and in-flight services to help its customers make better choices before buying. It is now easy to visually compare options: for example, identifying when you can save USD 20 by foregoing an advance seat assignment; or when you can upgrade to a better class of service for a relatively small fee.

Headquartered in Calabasas, CA, ® and its team of over 100 travel enthusiasts use cutting edge technology, a boatload of airfare data, and superior customer service to make it easier and less stressful to buy affordable airline tickets. Our proprietary airfare shopping engine uses a patented algorithm that scours the web for the lowest prices on the planet. We show fares and flight options in a simple, easy to navigate display that includes which flights have which in-flight amenities. For expert travel advice, deals and inspiration connect with CheapAir on Facebook, CheapAir on Google+ and CheapAir on Twitter.

CEO Jeff Klee started CheapAir in 1989 from his college dorm room after getting a crash course in the airline industry from planning his own backpacking trip through Europe on a student´s budget. still takes a creative approach to fare finding and, including its corporate travel services arm, Amtrav, has now helped over three million people buy plane tickets with confidence.