Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering to implement holistic trainer Julie Rammal's fitness DVD in flight

Chateaux de la Vie Airchatering, Inc. has implemented holistic trainer Julie Rammal´s Evolutionary Way to Fitness for the first time in flight into the US market, the company said.

The fitness DVD was created by the celebrity personal trainer and leading holistic fitness practitioner who asks the question: “Are you connected or disconnected to yourself?”

The air charter company president and chairman Peter B. Lindgren Jr., said, “Having her DVD available to our clients for their private jet trips and occasionally having her aboard is a perfect fit.”

Rammal will be flying to South Florida to meet with her new affiliate and partner on this holistic venture and will be attending a fashion show party which JSport and Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering, Inc. are sponsoring along with companies such as Lamborghini Broward.