Changzhou district named home to new unmanned helicopter project

Jiangsu Tianyu Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. and the 60th Research Institute of the General Staff Department of the Chinese People´s Liberation Army (60th Research Institute) have cooperated on an unmanned helicopter project, the company said.

A 200,000-square meter facility in Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (Xinbei District) has been selected as the location for the CNY1.0 billion (USD150 million) project, which will focus on the research and development, production and sales of several products including large- and medium-sized unmanned helicopters and related components, mid- and high-level fixed wings, specialty stealth materials, agricultural machinery, UAV systems, platform mission payload and highly precise information acquisition processing systems.

The unmanned helicopter project is a key research and development project of the 60th Research Institute, and an important cooperative project for Jiangsu Tianyu.