Chad's Tchadia Airlines, powered by Ethiopian Airlines, schedules October 1 launch

Chad has announced it is seeking the support of Ethiopian Airlines as it prepares to launch its new national airline, the company said.

The airline has signed an agreement to start operations on Oct 1 had been signed.

Ethiopia´s state-owned flag carrier is in talks African states to acquire stakes and manage operations in order to secure a competitive advantage against rivals.

The airline is ranked by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as the largest carrier in Africa by revenue and profit, outpacing regional competitors Kenya Airways and South African Airways.

Chad´s Civil Aviation Authority said the new company will be named Tchadia Airlines, with the government owning 51 percent and Ethiopian Airlines the rest.

For Ethiopian Airlines, the partnership is another step in its efforts to work with national carriers across the continent.

The company has been in talks with Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea to set up carriers through joint ventures, and also aims to create a new airline in Mozambique that it will fully own.