CH2M to design runway repairs at Nebraska Air Force base

The US Air Force selected CH2M as lead designer for repairs to the runway at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, the company said.

The base is home to the US Strategic Command, the 557th Weather Wing, and the 55th Wing of the Air Combat Command. The 55th Wing provides dominant intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; electronic attack; command and control; and precision awareness to national leadership and warfighters across the spectrum.

The 11,703-by-300-foot runway serves approximately 30 unique strategic reconnaissance, command and observation aircrafts at the base.

As lead engineer, CH2M is completing a comprehensive investigation to implement a design of the repair for Runway 12-30, the NW Holding Apron, and the Mass Parking Apron pavements.

CH2M´s military design practices focus on preserving and improving vital mission infrastructure and national security interests. Over the past decade, CH2M has delivered more than USD 350m in design services for the military.