CEVA, UltraSoC to enable advanced debug for CEVA DSP cores

CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA) and UltraSoC said they have partnered to make UltraSoC´s universal system-on-chip (SoC) debug solution available for CEVA DSP cores.

CEVA´s broad portfolio of specialized signal processing cores and platforms are specifically tailored to enable processor-intensive functions with minimal power consumption, making them ideal for any smart, connected device.

UltraSoC´s universal debug solution enables SoC developers to build an on-chip monitoring, control and communications architecture that ´looks inside´ the chip while the device is operating. This greatly assists the identification and elimination of bugs, speeding up time to market. It can also be used after deployment for in-field performance monitoring and troubleshooting, leading to enhancements for current and next generation products.

UltraSoC is an independent provider of SoC infrastructure that enables rapid development of embedded systems based on advanced SoC devices. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

CEVA is a leading licensor of cellular, multimedia and connectivity technologies to semiconductor companies and OEMs serving the mobile, consumer, automotive and IoT markets.