Certon completes FACE verification for Rockwell Collins

Certon, a Cyient company, and an approved Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACEâ„¢) verification authority, has completed verification activities on the Rockwell Collins´ Avoidance Re-router portable component, certified to the FACE Technical Standard, the company said.

The FACE Technical Standard is the open avionics standard for making military computing operations more robust, interoperable, portable and secure. Rockwell Collins´ software component was independently verified against the FACE Conformance Verification Matrix by Certon engineers and the certification was then affirmed by the FACE Certification Authority, Vanderbilt University. The certification allows Rockwell Collins to integrate its products into multiple aircraft.

The Open Group FACE Consortium was formed in June 2010 as a government and industry partnership to define an open avionics environment for use across multiple aircraft types. Today, it is an aviation-focused professional group made up of industry suppliers, customers, and users. It provides a vendor-neutral forum for the industry and the government to work together to develop and consolidate open standards, best practices, guidance documents, and business models.

The FACE Technical Standard is the open avionics standard for making military computing operations more robust, interoperable, portable, and secure. The standard enables developers to create and deploy a wide catalog of applications for use across the entire spectrum of military aviation systems through a common operating environment. The latest edition of the standard further promotes application interoperability and portability with enhanced requirements for exchanging data among FACE components and emphasis on defining common language requirements for the standard.

Over the last decade, Certon has established an identity of unparalleled safety critical certification solutions in the aerospace, medical device and transportation industries. Certon has internally developed tools and exclusive technology designed to streamline approvals of safety-critical systems, software, and complex hardware. These competitive advantages allow Certon to minimize the time-to-market of customer products while providing a Firm Fixed Cost to its customers.

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