Certes security solution blocks #1 hacking attack vector

Certes Networks said its award-winning CryptoFlow® product suite supports Crypto-Segmentation, enabling end-to-end protection of sensitive enterprise applications both inside and outside the traditional enterprise perimeter.

Certes CryptoFlows are the industry´s first software-defined security solution for safeguarding enterprise applications over any network for any user on any device. They enable “frictionless enterprise” deployments of networked applications to be rolled out without increasing risk, while blocking the top attack vector used in hacking attacks worldwide: the compromise of low-privilege users and unfettered access to sensitive applications.

With recent extensions to support new devices and use cases, the CryptoFlow product family now supports Crypto-Segmentation of enterprise applications to provide:

The ability to create a virtualized, encryption-protected flow for each enterprise application, providing real-time access control based on user roles.

Automatic extension of protected enterprise applications from server to user in any location. Application servers can be in the data center, in the Cloud, a virtualized environment or a distributed and hybrid deployment. Users access the CryptoFlows on laptops, tablets, smartphones or any other supporting devices.

Business-centric centralized key and policy management, providing unified and consistent control over user access across all enterprise applications on any network end-to-end.

Strong encryption and integrity protection of internal application traffic, to cryptographically isolate applications and contain breaches when user credentials are compromised, hackers penetrate firewalls, or insider threats arise.