Ceres collaborates with Bosch and Linde Engineering on green hydrogen demo

Ceres Power Holdings plc, a provider of fuel cell and electrochemical technology, has signed contracts with Linde Engineering and Robert Bosch GmbH to form a collaboration to validate the performance, cost and operational functionality of its solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) technology.

A two-year demonstration of a one-megawatt SOEC system at a Bosch site in Stuttgart, Germany will aim to showcase that the technology provides a highly efficient pathway to low-cost green hydrogen, which could play a significant role in harder-to-decarbonise industrial sectors.

The first 100kW electrolyser module developed by Ceres is currently undergoing testing and the company said that initial results are providing confidence that the technology can deliver green hydrogen at <40kWh/kg, around 25% more efficiently than incumbent lower temperature technologies.

Linde Engineering offers leading capabilities in industrial process engineering of chemical plants and a global footprint in industrial facilities. Coupled with Bosch’s expertise in product industrialisation and mass manufacturing, the companies are aiming to evaluate and qualify SOEC technology for large scale industrial applications.