Centurion cryptocurrency launches

Centurion is a unique cryptocurrency was launched on February 9, 2017, the company said.

The new cryptocurrency draws lessons from Bitcoin and other altcoins to offer an efficient and easy-to-use option for the cryptocurrency community. As the Bitcoin network struggles to clear the transaction backlog while waiting for a scalability solution, Centurion can process and confirm transactions in under 6 minutes.

Centurion can be used for buying products and services. Readymade merchant payment API libraries can be easily integrated into websites to start accepting the cryptocurrency.

Centurion is already available for traders on the cryptocurrency exchange Excambiorex for more specifications please visit the official BitcoinTalk thread.

Centurion will donate 5m of its reserved coins to charity and the remaining 50% will be used to reward early adopters, investors, related projects and talented individuals within the community working to improve the Centurion cryptocurrency.

Centurion is cryptocurrency that focuses mainly on the ease of use, ease of mining and faster transactions. The platform gives importance to existing cryptocurrency users and newbies alike. It has also partnered with Cryptonetwork ltd to increase usage and adoption of Centurion tokens.