CemAir repatriates 80 South Africans from Middle East

Engineering News has reported CemAir, a South African private-sector airline company, has concluded a repatriation flight, bringing 80 South Africans home from Middle Eastern and African countries, the news source said.

The flight, using a CRJ900 90-seat jet airliner (usually employed for regional operations) landed at Johannesburg´s OR Tambo International Airport on July 8, carrying the repatriated South Africans.

The repatriated South Africans were brought back from Uganda, Jordan and Iraq. They had been stranded abroad for almost four months. Some of them had been suffering from increasingly straitened circumstances, having to share accommodation or even having to rely on charity, the airline reported.

The CRJ900 left South Africa on Monday. It made stops (to disembark and embark passengers, make crew changes, and for operational reasons) at Entebbe in Uganda, Khartoum in Sudan, Amman in Jordan and Erbil and Basra in Iraq. It returned to South Africa with stops at Djibouti and Entebbe.

CemAir has now carried out repatriation flights to and from 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East. These missions have brought home more than 1000 South Africans.