CellTrust introduces CellTrust SL2, partnership with Smarsh

CellTrust Corporation, a global leader in traceable, secure mobile communication and message aggregation, has announced the availability of CellTrust SL2, the next generation of CellTrust SecureLine for mobile compliance enforcement, demonstrating continuing leadership in enterprise Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) solutions, the company said.

CellTrust also announced a new integration and partnership with Smarsh, the provider of information archiving solutions for compliance, e-discovery and risk management. CellTrust SL2 is now available directly from Smarsh.

CellTrust SL2 allows regulated industries to put communication policies in place and enforce them. The retention and oversight of communications such as text messaging has become a key issue for regulatory compliance and eDiscovery.

CellTrust SL2 offers traceability, management and archiving for business communications–without infringing on personal SMS and voice. This is made possible with the assignment of a Mobile Business Number (MBN). Upon registration, CellTrust SL2 assigns an MBN to create a dual mobile persona–two numbers on one device–delivering two distinct phone lines, two contact lists and two SMS/MMS inboxes, to keep business and personal communications separate.

CellTrust SL2 makes a fundamental change from device to user centricity, helping organizations take full advantage of enterprise BYOD. With its unique user-based, multi-device access, real-time analytics and expanded desktop access and user management, CellTrust SL2 delivers the usability and productivity benefits of BYOD while allowing organizations to manage, trace and archive mobile voice and SMS in support of compliance.

CellTrust partners with a number of enterprise mobility management (EMM) and long-term archiving providers to support an integrated, compliant BYOD solution for mutual customers. In addition to Smarsh, CellTrust SL2 also supports integration with long-term archiving solutions such as Actiance, GWAVA/Micro Focus and Global Relay.

Smarsh delivers a comprehensive and integrated stack of cloud-based information archiving applications and services that help companies protect themselves and manage risk. Its centralized platform provides a unified compliance and e-discovery workflow across the entire range of digital communications, including email, social media, websites, instant messaging and mobile messaging.

Founded in 2001, Smarsh helps more than 20,000 organizations meet regulatory compliance, e-discovery and record retention requirements. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with offices in New York City, Boston, Raleigh, N.C., Los Angeles and London.

CellTrust is a provider of traceability and security for mobile communication for highly regulated industries and mobile aggregation across 200+ countries and over 800 carriers and mobile operators.

CellTrust SecureLine offers archiving and protection for mobile communication content supporting enterprise mobile collaboration, eDiscovery and major global regulatory compliance for financial services, government and healthcare. Learn more at www.celltrust.com.