CellMining raises USD5M to grow operations in key regional markets

Self-Organizing Networks (SON) provider CellMining Ltd has successfully closed a Series A funding round with a total value of USD5 million, led by Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund, the company said.

This investment will help fund the company as it develops its pioneering subscriber-centric mobile network optimization capabilities, and will help it to expand into new markets.

CellMining´s Behavior-Based SONâ„¢ solution analyzes the subscriber network experience in a unique way, identifying usage patterns to optimize network performance based on Customer Experience Management (CEM) metrics.

Established in 2013, CellMining is a global, leading vendor of SON solutions integrated with subscriber experience for MNOs and MVNOs.

Its subscriber network analytics technology reads experience evidence of subscribers, identifies usage patterns and reconstructs call and communication flows for individuals and business customer groups.