Cella Energy gets ICIS Chemical Award

Cella Energy said it has been awarded the 2015 ICIS ´Best Innovation By A Small/Medium Sized Enterprise´ Award.

Cella was recognized for its innovative solid hydrogen material that brings a safe, high-performance, zero-carbon, low-cost power supply to the aviation, unmanned aircraft system (UAS), transportation and portable energy industries.

Cella has developed a proprietary hydrogen technology that provides a low-weight solid hydrogen fuel source. Cella´s plastic-like material safely stores hydrogen and releases it as gas when heated above 100 degrees Celsius. Each gram of the material produces approximately one liter of hydrogen gas, giving it a very high specific energy (energy per unit weight).

Cella Energy is an advanced materials company pioneering safe, high-performance, low-cost hydrogen energy. Its headquarters are located at the Rutherford Appleton Lab complex in the UK, and its US operations are based at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The company´s proprietary solid hydrogen technology has applications in numerous sectors where a light-weight, safe, stable and clean power is needed. The power systems that Cella develops have advantages over lithium-polymer batteries, as well as highly pressurized gas and other forms of hydrogen storage.