Cedexis solution changes economics of streaming video

Cedexis, a provider of content and application delivery optimization, has launched its real-time predictive load balancing powered both by community data from its Radar Community and Quality of Service (QoS) metrics from each publisher´s audience, the company said.

Streaming video publishers can now ensure consistent quality of experience (QoE) for their viewers, while using unique algorithms to keep delivery costs to the lowest level possible.

Streaming video QoE measurements were added as a complimentary feature of the Radar service in March 2017, allowing all Radar community members to track core video quality metrics. These QoS metrics can now be integrated into Openmix load balancing algorithms, and used to ensure that end customers receive the video Quality of Experience they expect and demand.

The Cedexis Radar community currently tracks the status of Internet delivery through 10 billion real user measurements every day. This data is then used by the Openmix global server load balancer to make real-time predictive traffic routing decisions, which ensures Cedexis customers consistent quality, and the swift avoidance of congestion and outages.

Openmix algorithms — which can be adjusted and executed in just minutes by customers using simple JavaScript code — can also take into account data ingested from other sources to make optimal economic decisions. This data may include contracts with cloud providers, usage tracking from CDNs, performance data from PLM services, and others.

Cedexis provides web-scale, end-user-experience monitoring and real-time traffic routing across multiple clouds and networks. Cedexis Radar crowd sources billions of real user measurements (RUM) a day from a community of 1,000s of popular websites and mobile apps, with traffic routing services based on the insights this data provides, for the best performance, availability, or cost. . Trusted by nearly 1,000 global brands including Accor Hotels, Airbus, Cartier, Comcast, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Nissan and Shutterstock. Cedexis is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Paris, France, San Francisco, CA, Brooklyn, NY and London, UK.