CDNetworks provides fast, secure application access for global employees, customers, partners

CDNetworks said it has announced the availability of Enterprise Application Security (EAS), allowing enterprises to share mission-critical applications with remote employees, customers, and partners on any device.

EAS protects applications and data while providing a fast, efficient user experience on CDNetworks´ global content delivery network (CDN).

With EAS, enterprises share browser-based applications via the EAS Cloud without providing access to the internal network. Application user authentication takes place outside the internal IT infrastructure, requiring no change to the customer IT environment and no Virtual Private Network (VPN).

EAS allows enterprises to completely lock down their IT environment and move the attack surface to CDNetworks EAS Cloud with multiple layers of security to protect customer applications. EAS also provides a cloud-based management portal for detailed audit, visibility, control, and reporting.

CDNetworks is a global content delivery network (CDN) with fully integrated Cloud Security DDoS protection and web application firewall.