Cbeyond shares top business tips to keep information secure

Cbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY) has shared its top five tips to help businesses secure critical information, maintain business continuity and ensure ongoing productivity.

These guidelines, part of Cbeyond´s “Technology Ally” best practices series, are designed to help SMBs better communicate the benefits of securing information when addressing employees and customers in particular.

Cbeyond recommends the following five best practices: Understand the importance of your data; Consider the benefits and risks of deploying new technology; pay attention to security basics; Encourage employees to exercise caution; and Implement a formal security policy.

Cbeyond, a cloud and communications services provider, is the technology ally for small and mid-sized business. For more information, visit www.cbeyond.com and follow Cbeyond on Twitter: www.twitter.com/cbeyond.