Cavium enables telecom infra project OpenCellular base stations

Caviumâ„¢, Inc., a provider of semiconductor products that enable secure and intelligent processing for enterprise, data center, and wired and wireless networking, has partnered with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) community to enable live field trials of OpenCellular LTE (OC-LTE) base stations in a number of world-wide lab and field trials, the company said.

OC-LTE outdoor base stations previously limited to lab testing have now been deployed in a number of network operator laboratories as well as live field trials in Europe and Africa. Cavium technicians in conjunction with operators and system integrators have provisioned OC-LTE base stations to provide LTE services in targeted underserved areas. This expanded field support ecosystem continues to expand, allowing deployments to spread around the globe.

The OC-LTE outdoor base station exclusively uses the OCTEON Fusion-M CNF7130 and the Cavium contributed L1 PHY and commercial L2-L3 protocol stack which have been successfully deployed in multiple commercial networks around the world.

Cavium offers a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions for compute, security, storage, switching, connectivity, and baseband processing. Cavium´s highly integrated multi-core SoC products deliver software compatible solutions across low to high performance points enabling secure and intelligent functionality in Enterprise, Data Center and Service Provider Equipment. For more information about the company, visit: