Cathay Pacific chooses Avionica solution for its airborne global connectivity program

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways has selected Avionica as the integrator and supplier for their e-Enabled, airborne global connectivity program, the company said.

Starting in early 2017, Cathay Pacific´s second generation e-Enabled system will be deployed across the Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon fleets, including the B777, B747, A320 and A330 aircraft types. In selecting Avionica, Cathay Pacific obtains extensive expertise in STC development and installation support for its e-Enablement solution. Avionica´s e-Enablement hardware package provides Cathay Pacific a single, common set of hardware across Boeing and Airbus fleets.

This selection marks an important milestone in the development of airline e-Enablement as Avionica continues its expansion into Asia´s air transport market with its versatile global voice and data connectivity solutions. Accordingly, Cathay Pacific will achieve fleetwide deployment of an advanced e-Enablement program — a program that is at the heart of Cathay Pacific´s efficiency enhancing initiatives.

Cathay Pacific Airways offers scheduled passenger and cargo services to nearly 200 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and Africa, using a fleet of more than 140 wide-body aircraft. Cathay Dragon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, and the airline also has a 60% stake in AHK Air Hong Kong Ltd, an all-cargo carrier operating regional express freight services.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida for 25 years, Avionica is an aircraft data collection and data transmission manufacturer, designing and producing innovative, safety-qualified, state-of-the-art solutions that are revolutionizing air transportation.