Cathay Pacific, Atlantic Re:think launch multimedia content series –

Cathay Pacific Airways and creative marketing group Atlantic Re:think are launching a multimedia content partnership featuring the non-profit health organisation Possible, the company said.

Marking the one-year anniversary of one of the most traumatic natural disasters in Nepal´s history — the first of two devastating earthquakes that left almost 9,000 people dead and a nation in humanitarian crisis — this series is a testimony to the bold endeavours of Possible´s ongoing commitment to rebuilding the medical infrastructure of the country and bringing improved high quality low-cost healthcare to people in the worst affected areas of Nepal.

Atlantic Re:think experienced the beauty and tenacity of the Nepalese spirit on a Cathay Pacific-hosted trip with Possible. The resulting multipart and multimedia sponsored content program, Nepal, One Year Later, is now live at

More than a thousand health care facilities were destroyed in the earthquakes and the task of ground-up reconstruction is challenging. The global staff of Possible fly back and forth from New York to Kathmandu, Nepal several times a year in their aim to rebuild the country´s health care system.

Cathay Pacific supports the team´s flights, allowing the money saved on air travel to go towards patient care on the ground. Community focus is an integral part of Cathay Pacific´s vision and this partnership, so crucial to the people of Nepal, highlights a shared aspiration to create remarkable and lasting change across borders.

Cathay Pacific Airways flies daily to Hong Kong and beyond, including over 22 destinations in Mainland China, from six cities in the USA and two in Canada: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York (JFK), Newark Liberty, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto; and offers cargo flights to 16 cities across the Americas.

Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that delivers high-quality, low-cost healthcare to the world´s poor.

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