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Benefit claimants offered cheap stamps

Royal Mail came under fire yesterday after they made the announcement to offer more than five million benefit claimants the chance to buy stamps at discounted prices. The company have delivered letters across … Continue reading “Benefit claimants offered cheap stamps”

The decline of the family saloon

How ‘Fiesta Dad’ and ‘MPV Mum’ have changed Britain’s driveways since the 1980s. The demise of the family saloon, once the bastion of Britain’s family cars, has been driven by the rise of … Continue reading “The decline of the family saloon”

Parents Spend Almost £2,000 Before A Baby Is Even Born

Purchasing a new cot, pram and car set for an expectant new-born can be pricey but the actual costs of preparing for a new baby have been revealed in a recent study. According … Continue reading “Parents Spend Almost £2,000 Before A Baby Is Even Born”

British railways branded the worst in Europe

A study has revealed that Britain’s railways are the worst in Europe when it comes to affordability, efficiency and speed. The union-commissioned report by think-tank Just Economics has revealed that the network trails … Continue reading “British railways branded the worst in Europe”

Insurers fined for file tampering

RBS owned insurance companies Direct Line and Churchill has been fined for tampering with files. The files in question are customer compaint files which had been submitted to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). … Continue reading “Insurers fined for file tampering”

Cops waste thousands prosecuting ‘headbutt man’

POLICE wasted thousands of pounds of taxpayers money on a case after CCTV footage revealed that a Special Constable had ‘lied’ about being head-butted.   David Dwyer was charged with assault following an … Continue reading “Cops waste thousands prosecuting ‘headbutt man’”

Tougher times ahead for disability car cheats

Cheats who abuse the Motability Car Scheme are in for a tougher time. The warning comes as the disability car charity moves to fully implement changes following a review of the car scheme … Continue reading “Tougher times ahead for disability car cheats”

Largest hoard of roman coins ever discovered

A METAL detector enthusiast has spoken for the first time about the moment he discovered one of the UK’s largest ever hoards of Roman coins – after 34 years of searching. Jethro Carpenter, … Continue reading “Largest hoard of roman coins ever discovered”

Educating one million girls to tackle poverty

Britain will help up to a million of the poorest girls in the world go to school, the Deputy Prime Minister announced today. The Girls Education Challenge is a new project that will … Continue reading “Educating one million girls to tackle poverty”

Sell by dates could be a thing of the past – saving families hundreds a year

Clearer date labels will help shoppers save money and stop perfectly good food being thrown away, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said today as Defra published new guidance for food and drink manufacturers. The … Continue reading “Sell by dates could be a thing of the past – saving families hundreds a year”

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